How to prove that others exist


Subject:      Re: I'm not dead yet!
Date:         Sat, 15 Apr 2000 00:08:20 -0500
From:         WWS <>
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Lori wrote:
> WWS <> wrote:
> >By the way Lori, wrong scene.  Correct response #1 was "oh,
> >stop  being such a baby!"  Correct response #2 was The Larch.
> >Correct response #3 was "I feel happy!  I feel happy!" Correct
> >Response #4 was The Larch.
> I wasn't attempting to quote from the same scene.  I was just
> getting into the spirit of things and throwing another quote out
> there.
> Now go back and tell me if I got the Wizard of Oz questions
> right.
> And then prove to me you exist.

4 colors.   3 changes.

White.  Purple.  Orange.  Yellow.

(I've seen it once or twice.)

Do I exist?  Get a tape, check it out.

Existence is confirmed when someone/something provides
you with information/input that one would not have
originated with themselves.  Ever check that in dreams?
If you want to break a dream you can't get out of, open
a book, try to read it.   All the pages will be blank.
It's kind of fun, especially when all the other characters
insist it's real.  Ask them to read from it, it pisses
them off.  (okay, so my dreams are kind of interactive
in a weird way.) You just can't quote text in your sleep,
no way.  (music on the other hand is a completely different

That's how to tell whether or not you're the only real being
present. No information, knowledge, or understanding is
available except that which you bring with you.  Hence,
finding something new and outside of yourself is proof that
more than yourself exists.


Run that one by your philosophy club.

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