Why I hated "God, The Devil and Bob"

(Paul G. Barnes)

Subject:      Why I hated "God, The Devil and Bob"
Date:         Fri, 10 Mar 2000 09:04:51 -0600
From:         "Paul G. Barnes" <_pbarnes@ya.hoo.com>
Organization: Save The Concrete Foundation
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As a conservative Christian I knew that I would be offended by "God, The
Devil and Bob". I mean really, a cartoon about religious characters? I
knew that the apostates that put out most TV shows could never have
treated such a Serious Subject with ay kind of appropriate reverence.
Besides, just look at all of the other cartoons aimed at adults, none of
them have any redeeming values: The Simpsons is antireligious; The
Family Guy is vulgar; Futurama is Sci-fi and therefore denies the
existance of God; Stressed Eric was athiestic; The Critic's main
character was a Jew (and you know what they did); The Fish Police had
talking animals; Fritz the Cat was all about sex; Heavy Metal was all
about rock and/or roll; Cool World had voilence sex between real people
and cartoons, and rock and roll; The Lord of the Rings had demons and
sorcery; and I won't even go into all that is sinful about South Park.

So I watched the premier, fully expecting to be offended. And I was.
Here's why:

1. It showed God drinking beer. Everyone knows that alcohol is evil and
that everyone who drinks it is, ipso facto, evil as well. Therefore,
showing God drinking beer is a blashpemy. Plus, beer is a common drink,
used by the common man. God is not common.

1a. God was voiced by James Garner. Garner has made a career out of
playing confidence men and slick characters. Are we to believe that God
is a slick con man?

1b. God was made to look like Jerry Garcia. Are we to believe that God
looks like a druged out hippy beach bum with no redeeming moral virtue?

2. The Devil was voiced by Alan Cumming. What kind of a name is
"Cumming"? How vulgar can a person get? Besides, isn't he a gay
homosexual? Gay homosexuals ar not like normal people. They have black
hearts that pump, not blood, but a black oily substance. They are evil.
And even if he's not really a gay homosexual, he played one in Cabaret.
That's just as bad.

3. Bob was voiced by French Stewart. French plays an alien on 3rd Rock
from the Sun, which is a Sci-fi show and, therefore denies the existince
of God. He's obviously an atheist.

4. The writer for "God, The Devil, and Job" is a former seminary student
- "former" being the operative word. He's obviously a backsliding apostate.

5. They talked about his daughter's period. That's Dirty.

6. Bob yelled at God, saying he was inconsistant and vague. Blasphemy.

7. They made Hell look like a not-so-bad place where Guy Lombardo plays
the lounge instead of the pit of ever-burning molten, sulfuric lava that
it is. And what's wrong with Guy Lombardo andyway?

8. The whole premise is flawed. I mean really, God is going to destroy
the world unless he can find one person who is worth saving. God and the
Devil make a bet that the Devil can't make Bob fail in his task? Who
ever heard of such nonsense?

9. The language they used was blasphemous. Where were the Thees and
Thous? Everone knows that God speeks in 15th century English and always
sounds so noble with lots of reverb and lightning and thunder.

10. Finally, this is a work of fiction. Religion has no room for
fiction. Only true, real, literal stories like those in the Bible can
have any real meaning.

Shows like this should be banned from the airwaves. The people
responsible for this debased, evil and blasphemous show should be burned
at the stake. I think we should boycott NBC and all of its advertisers
until they confess their sin and publicly apologise for airing this abomination.


        "Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms."
                          - Sherlock Holmes

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