Re: Why would they attack the Mars Lander?

(Sergey Bukhman)

Subject:    Re: Why would they attack the Mars lander?
Date:       Mon, 06 Dec 1999 05:36:38 GMT
From:       Sergey Bukhman <>
Message-ID: <>
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,,alt.war.nuclear

Captain Infinity wrote:

> Why would the Martians destroy the Mars Lander?  It poses them no
> threat.  All we want to do is take some soil samples and record some
> sounds, right?  So why would they want to cripple the mission?
> They've been sending stuff to Earth for decades now, and *we've* never
> interfered with their missions.  Well, except for Betty and Barney Hill,
> when they tried to make copies of their Star Charts.  But that was just
> normal curiosity, not deliberate destruction of the whole mission.
> I dunno about you, but I'm pretty peeved about the whole thing.  Maybe
> the next landing mission should carry some Nukes.  That will teach those
> bastard Martians a lesson they won't soon forget.

Dear Mr. Infinity (if that, indeed, is your true name):

I don't see how you can be so callous as to joke about this important
matter. For once, can we treat the space program as more than just a
joke to entertain the masses while channel surfing for something
"funner"? This is the future of our existence as a human race we're
talking here, a serious matter to say the least.

It should be clear to any right minded individual that engaging in open
hostilities with the population of Mars (calling them Martians is
incorrect, as that is NOT the name they go by) is highly disadvantageous
to the human race. The chances of victory are slim to none. While NASA
(which is teaming with spies from you-know-where) struggles to land a
vehicle on their home planet, they have made numerous successful manned
missions to ours. They are obviously superior technologically. Their
greatest achievement was to fool the mass population of the Earth into
thinking they don't exist, while the evidence for the contrary is

Expecting benevolence from the mysterious strangers (while we share the
same DNA, obviously they've made some slight "modifications") would be
naive and foolish. They are known not to shy from a preemptive strike
situation (The Kennedy assassination being the most prominent one) when
they feel their interests are endangered. Their recent, quite blatant,
destruction of the Mars Lander is a form of saying "Stay clear! You are
not wanted" to us.

Why did they allow the "pathfinder" to land, last year? Quite simply,
because that was a spy for THEM, bringing back advanced intelligence
information from the Earth. It was cleverly disguised, showing the
crowds some pretty red pictures, to please them. But our latest attempt
at spying was not to their liking - so it was promptly taken out by an
ordinary defense grid drone (type #ZX34). And so would your "nuke
filled" space craft be destroyed, Mr. Infinity. Only this time they'll
apply retribution, maybe even going ahead with operation "Enslave
Humanity" a couple of years earlier.

Be warned! Stupidity and ignorance will be the end of us all!

Sergey Kabrinchevski
Head Research Laboratory; Houston Texas; Reconnaissance and Intelligence
department, Block 7-A;

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