Metallica Dream

(Riboflavin D. Monkey)

Subject:    METALL~1
Date:       Thu, 17 Aug 2000 14:20:45 GMT
From:       Riboflavin D. Monkey <>
Message-ID: <8ngsb9$rue$>

So I had this dream last night (this is not the one where Mr. Hole
changes his name). I dreamt that there was Metallica Bubble Gum, and
people all over the world were chewing it. But them Metallica got angry
and started suing Grocery Stores for selling their gum because
sometimes people stole it and chewed it without paying for it.

And then they told the Grocery Stores to randomly ban 300,000 people
from their stores.

And then they started suing individual people because people who where
couples were "sharing" the gum with each other when they kissed. They
would transfer the gum from one person's mouth to another, and only one
of them presumably payed for the gum. This particularly ticked off lars
who started sewing people's mouths shut so no one could chew any gum

So then Dr. Dre. started suing people even though he stole the recipe
from Metallica.


Riboflavin D. Monkey

"Ghosts are not the most patient of people."
- Dan Tropea

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