Torn From Today's Headlines!!!


Subject:      Torn From Today's Headlines!!!
Date:         Thu, 17 Aug 2000 13:09:12 -0500
From:         WWS <>
Organization: WWCD
Message-ID:   <>

Lori, I could not resist touching up this story a little, so you
could see how it looked when it got into my head.  Things look
strange in there, and this was stranger than most.

From the "Well, it COULD have been News" Usenet information service:

> Three Trollers Perish in Newsgroup
> (Rutters) - USENET police are investigating an accident in which wannabe
> trollers expired after they climbed into an 18,000-liter
> liquid newsfroup and were overcome by the fumes.
> Police believe the men were overcome by inhaling deadly dilitium gas when 
> they climbed into the seemingly empty froup to have a bit of fun.
> The men were using the mobile froup to spread manure on the Usenet near
> the Eastern Seaboard, around 7 p.m. on Tuesday, police said on Wednesday.
> One man entered the froup to make the troll, but failed to return. A second
> man went in to rescue him and the third was then prompted to go in after
> the other two failed to come out.
> T. Fullofit, 73, S. Night, 22, and O. Deus, 16, were pronounced
> braindead at the scene. The precise cause of the deaths has yet to be
> determined. The bodies were removed from the froup by other posters
> wearing air tanks and asbestos underwear.
> Police said criminal negligence on the part of the froup has yet to
> be assessed.
> ``It's too soon to tell. We're still investigating the cause of braindeath 
> and trying to put the pieces together on what occurred,'' said Provincial 
> Police Constable Darryl and his other Brother Darryl. "Clearly there's
> got to be some education here.  You just can't let anyone play around
> with this stuff - it's dangerous, as you've seen here today.  
> This is sad, it really is."

Since I KNOW people are waiting to get their panties in a knot:

this post is a PARODY and is meant to be HUMOROUS and any 
resemblance to any posters LIVING, DEAD, or MENTALLY IMPAIRED
is completely coincidental and not meant to reflect any physical
occurrence or actual persons.


Quis trolliet ipsos trollerizum? - Blackhawk

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