Desperately Seeking Osama


Subject:      Re: Desperately Seeking Osama
Date:         Sat, 13 Oct 2001 01:25:19 -0500
From:         WWS <>
Organization: WWCD
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And Knowing Is Half The Battle wrote:
> One of the terrorist groups was living it up at a strip club and arguing over
> the tab on Sept. 10.

That sounds about right. I followed this guy and his "family" when they left
their house by SUV at 1830 hours. Almost lost him when my car keys fell out of my
fatigues but managed to catch him. Anyway, he drove to a local strip mall and 
he and his brood entered an establishment called the "Golden Pagoda". Interviews
with locals revealed that this establishment is a chinese restaurant. Many
foreigners were present, and I learned that they passed out cryptic messages
inside their after dinner treats.  Could this be the link I was looking for?  Is
this how they communicate with the central command?  In the light over the
doorway I could see that the subject was now cleanshaven but his eyebrows still
grew together. 

Subject ordered a huge quantity of food, plenty of pork but no shellfish. 

It appears that the suspect is a Jewish attorney after all. Given that this class 
of criminals has no reward offerred for their apprehension, I have terminated


On the way home I stopped at a local 7-11 to buy a lotto ticket (got to cover 
all the bases) and on the way out of the store I spot a skinny guy over by the
dumpster. Looking carefully I saw the long gray beard, the unkempt
appearance, the furtive eyes... OMYGOD it's HIM. I yelled at him but as I
advanced toward him he scuttled around the dumpster and disappeared into
the night. 

The search starts tomorrow. 


"Your type is exactly why I decry visiting this message board."  - SJB51

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