Re: Some Butcher Paper Questions


Subject:      Re: Some Butcher Paper Questions
Date:         Mon, 10 Apr 2000 15:02:31 -0700
From:         WWS <>
Organization: wwcd
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"Sloppy Joe, The Meat King" wrote:

> I feel that it is important that I repost this wonderfully informative
> post here in AFT-S. I hope everyone reading this group takes into
> consideration.
> In misc.industry.pulp-and-paper
> Reynold Conger <> wrote:
> >Butcher paper is one of the products that
> >is being pushed out of the market by
> >plastic films. I have not seen butcher
> >paper for several years.
> >At one time the moisture barier in the
> >paper was wax, but in more recent times,
> >most butcher paper used a plastic.
> >I do not recommend throwing butcher
> >paper in a septic tank. It may eventually
> >break down, but not any time soon.

I wouldn't recommend butcher paper for TP, either.

> >Butcher paper is a very dense paper that
> >has been treated to keep blood from
> >penetrating the paper. Thus the water and
> >bacteria of the septic tank will have
> >difficulty penetrating the paper.

I'll bet that's a real rough wipe!

> >Penetration of water into the paper is the
> >first stage in the break down of the paper.
> >More than likely any butcher paper that
> >gets into a septic tank will cause problems
> >long before it breaks down.

Is he saying that you can still use the butcher paper
to wrap your meat even after it's been in the septic

> >As for the difference between bleached
> >and unbleached, it is only a matter of
> >aesthetics. Some people don't think the
> >brown paper looks clean enough to touch
> >their food.
> >Reynold Conger

Maybe it has to do with they way they fished it out
of the septic tank.


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