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Subject:      Re: ***Pee Poll*** Guys ONLY Please Answer
Date:         Thu, 14 Sep 2000 17:18:17 GMT
From: (Captain Infinity)
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Once Upon A Time,
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Russell B wrote:

>When you go to pee in a public lavatory and you have to use a stand-up urinal,
>do you get "stage fright"?
>If so, what do you do?

Firstly, I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed this thread, even though
it was started by that fruitcake Russell B who excessively crossposted
to groups where it is off-topic.  (I have cut the groups back a bit in
this post, to only those groups where urination is on-topic.  Oh, and
aft-s, where it isn't, but that's OK.)

However, I am a bit bugged by the fact that, as one poster mentioned
earlier, this thread discriminates against women.  Please see for reasons why this should not
be so.

Having said that, I'd now like to hear from the ladies.

As for my own response to the pee poll I must confess that I do not have
a viewpoint either way.  I never experience "shy bladder", nor do I ever
need to choose between a urinal or a stall.  This is because I have an
internal catheter running from my bladder to a urine collection bag that
is worn against my leg 24 hours a day.  This was originally a
requirement of my job as a collection officer in a Massachusetts
Turnpike toll booth (no bathrooms on the highway, y'know) but I soon
found that not having to enter public restrooms was a wonderful
advantage, so I made it a permanent part of my lifestyle.

In fact, it can be great fun at parties.  Recently at a Babylon 5 party
at the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago I entered the
bathroom, only to find a young lady examining the different types of
beers on ice in the bathtub.  "Don't mind me," I said, and lifted the
bag out of my pants, opened it up, and poured its contents into the
toilet.  I then flushed, stuck it back in my pants, washed my hands,
smiled at the astonished girl, and left the bathroom whistling.[1]  The
look on her face was unforgettable; I wish I'd had a camera with me.

Captain Infinity
 ...[1] I *demand* that someone make this sentence a .sig quote.

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