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Subject:      Re: Wife mind? (Re: Happy Birthday Tyler)
Date:         Tue, 06 Aug 2002 08:50:26 -0400
From:         Wayland's Ghost <terminalwriter@hotmail.com>
Organization: The League of Dead Scienticians
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"Plain, Simple, Blackhawk." wrote:

> That would be silly since I long ago expressed that I prefer to use my
> voice where I believe it will do some good. Sorry if that still offends
> you, but by now I'd think you'd get over that.

Ah. So the silent voice speaks the loudest. How very zen?

Blackhawk: Approach, KPS Members. Close the circle at the feet of the
master. You have come to me asking that I be your guide along the path
of Ti Kwan Peep. But, be warned: To learn its ways, you must learn the
ways of your own soul. Let us meditate upon this wisdom now. So:

KPS Member1 (Lori): Uh, sir! Sir! (oo! oo!) Sir! 

Blackhawk: Who disturbs our meditation, as a pebble disturbs the
stillness of the pond? 

Lori: Me! Lori? 

Blackhawk: Lori? 

Lori: Yeah, uh, no disrespect or nothin', but, like, uh, how long is
this gonna take? 

Blackhawk: Ti Kwan Peep is not a path to a door, but a road leading
forever towards the horizon. 

Lori: So like, what, an hour or so? 

Blackhawk: No, no, we have not even begun upon the path. Lori, you must
learn patience. 

Lori: Yeah yeah yeah, patience. How long will that take? 

Blackhawk: Time has no meaning. To a true KPS Member, a year is as a

Lori: A YEAR??? I wanna troll people's asses right now! I got the
server! Hah woo yah ooomm! 

Blackhawk: "Troll people's asses"...? 

Lori: Yeah! Just show me all those nifty memes so I can start trashing
Bozo! That's all I came here for! YO ASTA STA STA!!! Pretty good, ey? 

Blackhawk: The only use of Ti Kwan Peep is self-preservation. Do you
know who said that? Kap Lo Ni, the great Troller. 

Lori: Yeah? Well the best defense is a good offense, you know who said
that? Mel, the cook on "Alice". 

Blackhawk: No, um...Ti Kwan Peep is the Khan Bud of purity, not the
schwag of hostility. Meditate upon this truth with us. Aaaaoooommm... 

Lori: Listen, liberal! All this weird talk is really starting to hurt my
brane. Now, are you gonna show me some fancy memes, or am I gonna start
flaming the froup with you? 

Blackhawk: Lori, you fail to grasp Ti Kwan Peep. Approach me that you
might see. 

Lori: All right! Finally some action! (IYKWIM AITYD)

Blackhawk: Observe closely, froup. Peep to the Thread! (SH-ZOOMP!) 

Lori (drunkenly): Owww! You Peeped me in the Thread! 

Blackhawk: You are lucky, Lori. Few novices experience so much of Ti
Kwan Peep so soon. 

Lori (quietly, to herself): Ow, oh, my Thread! 

Blackhawk: Now we continue. Aaaaaoooommmm... 

Lori: Hey! Hey, I wasn't ready! Come and get me now leftist, huh? Come
on, are ya a purple bunny? 

Blackhawk: Peep to the Thread! (SH-ZOOMP!) 

Lori (again, drunkenly): Oww! Okay, now I'm ready, okay, now, come on,
try it now. 

Blackhawk: Peep to the Thread! (SH-ZOOMP!) 

Lori: Mind if I just lie down here for a minute? 

Blackhawk: Now froup, we shall return to our... 

KPS Member2: Master? 

Blackhawk: It is wrong to tip the vessel of knowledge, KPS Member. 

KPS Member2: Many apologies, master. But I feel Lori is not wholly

Blackhawk: What do you mean? 

KPS Member2: I want to Peep some Thread, too. 

Blackhawk: Have you learned nothing from the lesson of Lori? 

KPS Member2: Yes, master. I have learned two things. First, that anger
is a weapon only to one's opponent. 

Blackhawk: Very good. 

KPS Member2: And secondly, get in the first shot. Peep to the Thread.

Blackhawk: You missed. 

KPS Member2: Uh, yeah. Well... 

Blackhawk: You too shall be honored to learn a lesson... 

KPS Member2: You don't have to, you know. I-I gotta be going... 

Blackhawk: Peep to the Thread! (SH-ZOOMP!) 

KPS Member2 : (agonizing pain) Oyyy oy oyyyy.... Oh.... 

Blackhawk: Can anyone tell us what lesson has been learned here? 

KPS Member3: Uh, yes, master. Not a single one of us could defeat you. 

Blackhawk: You gain wisdom, child. 

KPS Member3: So we'll hafta gang up on ya! Get 'im guys! 

(Blackhawk throws many 'Peep to the Thread!s' and 'SH-ZOOMP!s'. There
are many people groaning in pain.)

Blackhawk: And now froup, let us rejoin the mind to the body and gaze
into the heart of the candle in meditation. 

Unison: Aaaaaoooommm.... 

Blackhawk: Very good, froup. 

> > Oh but wait, we can't have *that*, now can we?
> If you'd add some California cheap shots or Clinton bashing to the irony
> maybe you could embarrass me into doing what you want. Probably not
> though, if I was that easy to troll I'd post more often.

Eh. California and Clinton basing are easy. Blaming Clinton for
California's existance is the hard part.

Wayland's Ghost
...Dole in 2008!

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