One Startling Moment of Perfect Truth

(Jaime de Castellvi)

Subject:      One Startling Moment of Perfect Truth...
Date:         22 Aug 2001 17:12:18 GMT
From:         Jaime M De Castellvi <>
Organization: Queen's University, Kingston

So, this weekend, Beth and I come out of the Ginat with a week and a half 
worth of groceries on the cart.  I say to her, "I'm gonna get me the van."  
She groans to my satisfaction and I start across the parking lot.

Absentmindledly, I climb into the old cipote-mobile, and then I notice 
this really hot chick standing in front of the Ginat.  She is, like, 
really my type and doesn't appear to be paying particular attention to me.  
I'm thinking, "Man, that kind of chick I could REALLY get into, ya know?"  
I'm a little intrigued, so I take a closer look (and who says a married 
man can't take a look as long as he don't shop, anyway?).  That's when I 

Fuck!  She is my wife!!!

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