Where will you be in 20 years?

(Travers Naran)

From:       "Travers Naran" <tnaran@direct.ca>
Subject:    Where will you be in 20 years?
Newsgroups: alt.fan.tom-servo
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Date:       Thu, 18 Jul 2002 02:59:07 GMT

You people are being too boring.  Let's play!

OK, the exercise for tonight is imagine where everyone else in
alt.fan.tom-servo will be in 20 years.  You aren't allowed to forecast

My view from 20 years in the future:

Lots will be still hanging around alt.support.child-free while
surrounded by his 12 children from his Mormon wives.

Witch will still look gloriously youthful at 60-{mumble}.  In fact, she
will look so good it's downright scary.  Meanwhile, the corpses of young
girls drained of all their blood will be found within a 100 mile radius
of her house.

Jaime will become a sextagenarian fecalphilic who really loves Depends.

Lori will still be hyper and hopped up on crack.

Arthur Levesque and Blarg will be gay together.

Robin Cook will be the an acclaimed author and all from her published
fanfic.  She wins the Pulitzer prize for her epic Mary Sue DS9 fanfic.

Tyler becomes an iconoclastic guitarist whose music is only appreciated
by the truly enlightened and artistic.

JMS still appears in chat under various names.

J.'s ego has become as large as Jupiter, and can be seen from the Moon.

Antifrance conquers Europe at the head of his own army.

Meanwhile, back on alt.fan.tom-servo, Wayland's Ghost still haunts the
froup and becomes a fixture like the ghosts in Harry Potter novels.

Tara will report she almost caught up reading every message in
alt.fan.tom-servo: just 10,000 more messages to go.  She just now sees
Lots first wedding announcement.

And Cronan's younger sister stumbles onto the group and picks up where
her brother's brilliant career ended.

I have no idea what happens to marci because I don't know her that well.

If I left anyone else out, I apologize.

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