Religious Analysis of "Willy Wonka"


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Date:         Thu, 29 Jun 2000 17:14:53 -0500
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Mortis wrote:
> I used my telepathic powers to read
> <>, in which
> (Lori) typed:
> >Actually, I'd find the Rev's analysis of Willy Wonka to be rather
> >interesting.  I wonder if he's seen the movie.
> >
> >Hmmm... Wonka as God, the factory as Heaven (would the Oompa Loompas be
> >angels?), the kids representing humanity, with Charlie being the only one
> >who makes it to Heaven... yeah this has possibilities... how 'bout it,
> >Reverend?
> No, no, that's a much too non-subversive hidden meaning.  Probably
> more like Wonka is Satan, Charlie does evil (Fizzy lifting drinks,
> giving the "everlasting gobstopper", which is a symbol
> for....something, to Satan instead of the God-like Mr. Whas-his-face)
> and, in the end, takes over a "Heaven" which really turns out to be
> Hell when he has to pay taxes and feed the Oompa-Loompas with human
> flesh and things.

You're close, alright I'll tell you what I really see in this movie.

Charlie and WW are of course the focal figures in this morality play.
But what is really going on in the relationship we see developing?
What power does WW hold?  WW is in charge of this entire "world"
of his, which has been handed over to him, and which no one can
enter or leave without his permission and knowledge.  It is kept
separate from the rest of creation by the rules and walls that HE,
WW, has imposed on that which he "Owns". Several obvious clues
are given as to what is really being represented here, not the
least of which is the revelation that the guests are merely 
permitted to see the "happy" parts, and yet from strange openings
in the ground they keep catching glimpses of strange, almost-human
creatures sentenced to Eternal Punishment.  Why must they labor
so, their work never ceasing?  We are told that it is "for their
own good", by who?  The admitted Father of Lies and deceit.

So much for Willy - who is this outsider, Charlie, who is invited 
into his domain?  This fresh faced innocent, honest, unstained?
What does his entrance into this realm mean, and why is he, with 
no overt power or influence, offered the apple of a Kingdom of his 
own?  The answer is simple:

*Ch*arlie is *Ch*rist, sent to save the Oompa Loompas from Damnation,
Torment, and Eternal Servitude.  He has to contend with those around 
him who do not appreciate him, but his "Grandfather" (the obvious 
loving but weak God Figure) believes in him and sends him on this 
mission.  His heart is pure, he is honest and true. He is faced with 
many trials, his "grandfather" standing by him at all times. He passes 
his trials, he shows himself to be more Noble and True than all the 
others -  And then he is tempted by .....


And in this evil fable, he succumbs to temptation!!  We have been
given a clue to his frail nature and inability to withstand 
temptation by the "gobstopper" - I've thought on this and to me 
it seems most likely that this represents his Own Will, so that 
taking it represents no True Sin - and giving it ceremonially over 
to WW represents him coming to grips with a Future of Eternal Servitude.
And for what?  For his own comfort, and his own power.  There is no
sacrifice on his part, there is no overthrow of the old order,
because he abandons his fore-ordained role.  He becomes, not
the Installer of a New Order, but the Guarantor of the Old, in
this story not only will no souls be freed, but He Himself will
become the New Oppressor, the New Propietor, and why?  Because
he was indeed too weak, and he could not resist the temptation
of Power, the Power that obviously his "Grandfather" would never
and could never give him.

This is a Black Fable, as black as any that have ever been written.
No redemption, no salvation, and Evil reigns triumphant as 
everyone is urged to go for the Candy in life and to eschew 
sacrifice as pointless and unnecessary.  

Now I have wondered at times whether I am reading too much into
this.  Many times I have considered the possibility that this
is simply the idealized story of how Classical Judaism (personified
by WW) would and should have reacted to the appearance of a Messiah
figure without the bitterness and hostility engendered by the
Roman occupation, but somehow that just seems too pat and easy.



It may be that your sole purpose in life is
simply to serve as a warning to others.

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