Thanks to: Jaime de Castellvi
Served at Virginia Elf Spat II

(Marzipan Kartoffeln)

Ingredients and Amounts:

Finely Ground Blanched Almonds 500 g
Icing Sugar 500 g
Egg Yolks (or whites) 1-2
Almond Extract to taste
Rose Water sprinkle as required
Cocoa enough to roll marzipan balls on


Mix almonds and icing sugar together. Add egg yolk/s and almond extract. Sprinkle enough rose water to make a thick paste. Kneed to get rid of the lumps until the paste is no longer sticky, yet it holds together (if it doesn't, some more egg yolk may be required). Shape into little balls or as desired. Once done, roll lightly in some cocoa powder. Store in refrigerator. Some German regions use more rose water instead of egg yolk.

Marzipan can also be shaped in different ways, and painted with food coloring accordingly, instead of covering with cocoa powder.

Use of egg yolks vs. egg whites is a matter of personal preference. I find yolks tastier myself, but it is also a mood thing. It also works well to do the cocoa coating with only half of the marzipan balls, particularly if dealing with guests, as it offers an option of more versus less bitter.

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