Arthur's Mexican Lasagna

Thanks to: Arthur Levesque
Served at Virginia Elf Spat II

Brown about 2.5 pounds of hamburger.

Prepare one bag of red beans & rice (preferably Mahatma brand) on one burner.  Add about half a pound of the beef at the same time that you add the beans and rice to the boiling water; apart from that, follow the directions on the bag.

Prepare one bag of Spanish rice on a third burner.  Add about half a pound of meat to that as well.

The remaining 1 - 1.5 pounds of meat are used for the chili.  There are a few different types of chili seasoning packets you can get; I prefer the ones that require you to add a jar of salsa (the other type requires you to add tomato paste).  I usually use a medium strength salsa.

Once you have these three things prepared, you're ready to build the lasagna.  The other things you need are cheese (two bags of the shredded cheese; use sharper cheeses like Cheddar, Monterey Jack, etc.  They even have Mexican mixed cheese bags) and tortilla chips (get the round, flat ones).

Spray a glass lasagna pan (I prefer them to metal; but use what you have) with PAM (I greased it with olive oil Saturday, since they didn't have PAM), then start adding layers...

First, a very thin (just enough to cover the bottom) layer of chili.

Then a layer of tortilla chips (try to make this as flat as possible. It's OK to break chips in half, they dissolve when cooked anyway).

A layer of red beans and rice (about half of it)

A layer of cheese (about one bag)

Another layer of chili (about half of the total)

The Spanish rice

Another layer of tortillas

The rest of the red beans and rice

The rest of the chili

Another bag of cheese

You're now ready to cook the lasagna.  The over should be preheated to 350 degrees.  Take a sheet of aluminum foil and spray one side of it with PAM (or grease it) so that the cheese won't stick to it when you have to remove it later.  Cover the top of the lasagna and wrap tightly.

Cook for about half an hour, then remove the foil.

Cook for another 15-20 minutes, until done.  The cheese should be solid and browning around the edges.

Allow to cool for at least 15 minutes before cutting and serving.

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