WWS's Homemade Mashed Potatoes

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From:         WWS <wschmidt@tyler.net>
Subject:      Re: Back from the hospital after another 3 night stay
Date:         2000/03/09
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I used your spices last night, tried them in one of my favorites
that I make from time to time - homemade mashed potatoes.

And as an aside, this is one of the things that got me to start 
trying to cooking myself in the first place.  Homemade mashed
potatoes is a dish I absolutely adore - conversely, the very
taste, the very smell of instant mashed potatoes makes me want
to puke violently.  There is nothing I hate more than instant
mashed potatoes, and it seems like every restaurant, every pot
luck supper I went to I'd see this dish that looked wonderful,
I'd taste it, and then I'd want to fling the plate violently
against the wall!  I came to the conclusion that if I ever wanted
to taste real mashed potatoes again, I had to make them myself,
since it seemed like no one else knew how to anymore.

The most important step is in the potato selection.  Use only one
of the white varieties!  Russets are way too mealy, and reds are
way too waxy.  Only the thin skinned whites really work well.
Then cut the eyes out and clean, but no need to peel.  If you use
one of the thin skinned varieties, the skin actually adds some 
flavor and color to your final products.  Boil 5 or 6 at high until
you can push a table knife through the center without resistance.
Drain, and cut the potatoes up with a sharp knife, in the mixing
dish.  (easy, since they're so soft now)  Add 1 stick of butter, 
let it melt.  Take one of those hand-held mixers/whippers (I have 
a Braun) and then whip the mixture up until it is all a nice, 
creamy consistency.  Add 1/4 cup milk while blending, more if you 
want it thinner.  Also add spices liberally, this is where your 
flavor comes from.  I also added a large amount of dried Parsley 
flakes, this not only adds to the flavor but the color sprinkled 
in adds greatly to the eye appeal as well.

So, Paul, I just substituted your spices in for some of the salt
and pepper I was using, and it came out great!


"Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur."

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