The Elf Spat Scripture


From: (Mortis)
Subject:      Re: Recovering from Elf Spat...
Date:         17 May 2000 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID:   <>
Organization: Undead for the Enslavement of Humanity

I used my telepathic powers to read <>,
in which (Captain Infinity) typed:

>Once Upon A Time,
>in article <>
>holefamily1 wrote:
>>That wasn't an Elf Spat, there was only two of them
>>in attendance.
>Hmmm.  Maybe the definition needs to be amended?

Hark!  And so the Lord, Captain Infinity, did look out over the world,
and his Son, Sergey, and the Holy Ghost, Mortis, and, yea, even the
first man, Blackhawk, and his prophets, WWS and Podkayne, were with
him, and the Lord gave the Servoites this promise:  "Whensoever two or
more of ye shall be together, it shall be known as an Elf Spat."  And
the Servoites did rejoice, and did partake of the peeps, and even of
the Orbitz, which they had stolen from the Lord's second cousin, Kibo.


Master of the Unknown, KPS
Nebulosis Defunctus

"Mister Order, he runs at a very good pace
But old Mother Chaos is winning the race"
   -Lord Omar, "The Honest Book of Truth"

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